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 Save money, increase comfort! 


Sealing your ducts from the inside is the most cost-efficient way to save money on your energy bills and reduce duct leakage up to 90%.


THE AEROSEAL TECHNOLOGY solves air duct leakage problems both in commercial and residential buildings.


Aeroseal allows to seal gaps up to 5/8" big by injecting misty sealant inside the ductwork. Aeroseal is the only existing technology of its kind that can provide this result.


The Aeroseal product is UL approved and certified. It has a 10-year warranty for residential houses and a 3-year warranty for commercial buildings.


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Video Inspection

We go beyond helping you to estimate your duct work condition. Our trained technicians can give you a clear picture of any dust, gaps, blockage and other hidden issues in your ductwork with a narrative HD video in color and pictures with the help of professional equipment. 

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New HVAC Installation


Need a new HVAC System? We are there to help you.


We install new HVAC systems in new and existing residential houses and commercial buildings. 


Our professional team installs new duct systems and seals the leaks using the Aeroseal technology which will help you save money on material and labor.


Our trained and certified technicians work with a  variety of equipment brands on the market:  SANYO, MITSUBISHI, GOODMAN, CARRIER, etc. 


High Efficiency Equipment? No problem!

We have great experience in installing High Efficiency Systems in Green Residential and Commercial Buildings. 

Please see our REFERENCES from leading engineering, consulting and construction companies in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania states. 

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HVAC Maintenance Service


We can help you take care of your existing HVAC system.


Use of one of our packages:


Heating Service Maintenance program (performed at Fall period): $245.00

We will provide full check up, cleaning of the furnace and drainage before the heating season. 


Cooling Service Maintenance Program (performed at Spring period): $245.00

Includes full check up of the whole system, condenser, coil inspection and clean up.


or get our discounted year-round Maintenance program: $470.00

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Fabric Duct Work



Fabric Ducts are/will give you: 

   ▪ Draft-free, evenly distributed air 

   ▪ Reduced installation costs up to 50-70% savings

   ▪ A lightweight solution for structures with little or no load bearing capacity or situations where bearing capacity is exhausted (temporary tents, warehousing, large industrial facilities, etc.)

   ▪ Custom, flexible solutions. Ducts can be designed to be taken down and reconfigured for different stations or situations. 

   ▪ No need to insulate for cold air delivery, permeable fabric ducts will not condensate due to the blanket of air surrounding the duct (penetrating the surface of the duct). 

   ▪ Ducts and suspension are packed into a few light weight boxes reducing shipping cost and storage space on the job site.

   ▪ The polyester materials KE Fibertec use will not absorb more than 1% moisture in a room with a relative humidity of 90% and the duct system is non corrosive! This coupled with the even air distribution preventing condensation on exterior glass and walls make it a perfect solution for pools, natatoriums and indoor water parks.

   ▪ Fabric ducts are supplied in zippered sections which are very easy to install and just as easy to take down to machine wash. The permeable ducts also act as an additional air filter giving indoor occupants air they way you want it, clean and fresh!

   ▪ KE Fibertec has a base range of stock colors but can also supply ducts in nearly any custom color imaginable. Logos are also a neat feature for fabric ducts which can add to the atmosphere. 

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Repair, Replacement or Upgrade of your HVAC System

 Diagnose, fix or replace the system to live comfortably.


Upgrade to a more efficient system that will bring more comfort and healthier air into your home.


For air quality improvement and overall comfort: